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  “How does a guy who stutters wind up as the announcer on the longest running and most popular late night TV show in history? Being funny certainly helps, but as you will discover it’s a long and winding road from Long Island to Hollywood. Why do some celebrities love him and others can’t stand him? What did John say within earshot of the First Lady that almost had me ban him from the studio? The man has no filter and that’s what makes this book an interesting read. Many times I wanted to kill him, hopefully there’s still time.” —Jay Leno


Easy For You to Say is “Stuttering” John Melendez’s memoir of his childhood being bullied in school for his stutter; his years as an on-air personality with The Howard Stern Show; and his subsequent ten-year career as a writer and on-air announcer for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. It details his famously acerbic relationships with celebrities he interviewed/insulted (Raquel Welch once punched him in the face). In the book, Howard Stern emerges as a surprisingly mean, stingy, and megalomaniacal boss―and Jay Leno as a seeming sufferer from OCD.

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John’s first guest appearance on The Tonight Show that led to him getting the Announcer job. It’s a case of being at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. Lose yourself in the moment.

TRUMP: “Thank you, Bob. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.”

MELENDEZ: “Alright, baba-booey to you.”